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On 21 and 22 February 2019 the 24th annual foreign language competition took place in the BTV-Stadtforum in Innsbruck. At the suggestion of my English teacher Mag. Susanna Oberwalder and my Cambridge English teacher Mag. Maria Lechner I was nominated to represent the BHAK Schwaz in this competition. Along with 31 other candidates I had to convince the jury, consisting of native speakers, that I am among the best Tyrolean students of vocational schools concerning the English language. In the first round I had to describe “how to live a sustainable life”.

After a short preparation of two minutes I had to answer this question for five minutes, including a short conversation with the interlocutor. The second round consisted of a 10 minute preparation phase and an 8 minute presentation and discussion. My question was: “How well do you know your facebook friends?” After successfully finishing the first two rounds the accompanying teacher Mag. Susanna Oberwalder, our English assistant Shirley and I had to wait for the results. Luckily the Landesschulrat provided a buffet with delicious snacks so that we were able to pass the time with ease. In the early afternoon the six finalists were presented and fortunately I was one of them. For the final, I had to prepare a 15 minute conversation together with a girl from Kitzbühel. The topic we dealt with was the planning of a winter-opening event for Tyrol. Each of us had to choose one of the given roles, being progressive or traditional, and in the conversation we had to convince our partner that our idea was the more promising one and we had to find an agreement. The results were released in the evening of March 2 with a celebration in the BTV-Stadtforum. I won the third place. I am very grateful for the experience I gained in this competition and it was impressive to see how well Tyrolean students speak English. I also want to thank Mag. Maria Lechner for the training as well as Mag. Susanna Oberwalder and our English assistant Shirley for the company and support during the competition.

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