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On 14th March 2018 our class, 2BK, had an intercultural project with the refugee class. While Ms Astfäller and Ms Steidl, both English teachers, were watching us, the students of the refugee class presented their home countries and cultures. It was a great opportunity for us and also for the refugees to get to know each other and to learn something about where they are from and why they had to flee. Some of them had to leave the country because of war, natural disasters, political persecution or economic problems.

It was very depressing to hear about their way to Austria and what they had to go through. But we didn’t only talk about negative experiences, because they also told us about what they typically eat and how they celebrate events in their home towns. Because of that they also had prepared a buffet of Syrian specialities for us and our teachers. It was a great honour for us to get to know them. We think that it´s very important for them to integrate in our community and this intercultural lesson was a first step in this direction.


We continued the topic in our English lesson. At first we discussed the word “refugee” and thought about solutions for integration. As a next step we watched a UNICEF video about two brothers from Syria. At the moment we are doing a poster project on specific activities how to help young refugees to integrate in the community.

© Maria Schweiger, Chiara Juric, David Wechselberger and Martin Rainer

Auch den Schülerinnen und Schülern aus der Übergangsklasse hat das Projekt viel Spaß gemacht:

„Das Projekt war sehr gut, weil wir mit anderen Schülern der Schule in Kontakt gekommen sind. Wir haben viel geredet.“
„Wir haben viel Spaß gehabt, es war lustig und wir haben viel gelacht.“
„Machen wir so etwas bitte nochmal!“
„Wir haben auch gelernt, wie man richtig präsentiert und ein gutes Referat macht.“

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