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During this school year the students of the 5th classes were offered the opportunity to attend the preparation course for the Cambridge Advanced Certificate. Due to the retirement of Mrs. Fabro, who had held the course in prior years, Mrs. Lechner took over this year. The course was attended by plenty of students from both classes, either to receive additional practice for their Matura Exams or to prepare themselves for the titular Cambridge Advanced Certificate, which will be held on 7 June 2017.

During this year consisting of weekly, two hour long lessons, we underwent a wide range of activities to increase our language skills. At the centre of the course were all sorts of speaking exercises, as the smaller number of students in comparison to a regular English lesson allowed everyone to partake more directly. With the vast amount of exercises covering all aspects of language learning, be it writing, reading, speaking or listening, the course definitely achieved what it aimed to do and provided each of the course’s participants with a good preparation for the upcoming Matura Exams and the Cambridge Certificate. For this, we would like to thank Mrs. Lechner for her commitment to the course and her efforts to help us improve our language skills.

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